Enroute to Portland

Portland is one of those friendly, laid-back and fairly walkable with a baby (and most definitely bikeable) cities with a good serving of hipster. With impressive food scene, micro breweries and incredible coffee. Here are some of our favourite places:

Ace Hotel - Stumptown Coffee 
Their nitro cold brew coffee was definitely a new coffee experience. 

Known for Portland style "farm-to-cone" handmade, small-batch, all natural ice cream made from local, sustainable and organic ingredients.
Need I say more ;) One of our favourite was Marionberry Pepper Jam with peanut butter powder. We also tried the touristy Voodoo doughnuts but Blue Star Donuts was hands down next level. 
Photo credit: 1000thredsblog.com 
Everything on the menu is pretty incredible but our most memorable dish was the Streak Frites with a side of their special house aioli and a side of Butter Lettuce Salad. If you plan to go with kids we recommend the bar side of the restaurant as its more airy. 
If you love Japanese you are in for a treat! The first certified, sustainable sushi restaurant in the world.
And if you happen to venture towards the wine country, make a stop at Bellhop in Corvallis where local farm to table makes us go back for more.


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