The 2023 ela Belt Bags Of Your Dreams

Vegan non leather animal cruelty free belt bags have made a comeback (to stay) with their versatility and comfort DNA. Cool girl meets in-vogue fashionista, this bag is playfully designed to meet the standards of everyday style. If you're in the market for something practical and stylish, a belt bag should definitely be at the top of your list. 

The ela Spring/Summer 2023 collection embodies that uplifting feeling we are all craving especially coming out of the winter months with the introduction of freshly squeezed pops of colour like orange and green. Micro and compact shapes continue to elevate the grouping with novelty gunmetal chains and hardware details throughout. 

Vegan belt bags are perfect for hands-free carrying, which is especially useful when you're on the go. Their versatile nature and variety of different styles and sizes means you can find one that's perfect for your individual needs. 

The ela classic vegan leather belt bag is lightweight and adjustable but spacious enough for your daily carry-ons. Detailing around the seams and inner pockets elevate the modern aesthetics. Curated and suited for any and every moment of your life, they are created to bring you from brunch to dinner, effortlessly. 

The vegan faux leather materials are also a wonderful plus, so you can carry your metallic straw and recyclable notebook while looking good and doing for the planet. Designed in an array of creamy, deep and classic hues, our designs meet every effort to be suited to your lifestyle and every moment in between.

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