We are ela, and we make vegan handbags.

Here’s our brand’s ethos.


Quality and accessibility are siblings, not distant cousins.
We believe you don’t need to compromise quality to get what you deserve. So we bridged that gap between great design and accessible fashion, and redefined the concept of “luxury”, one handbag at a time. We  design timeless pieces that are crafted from vegan materials with the goal to make sustainability and animal-safe products the new normal. 


We care about the environment as much as our designs. So we came forth in the lineup of brands being brave enough to support this conscious initiative: to bid adieu to leather and say hello to alternative materials. We reduced our footprint
(without compromising our aesthetic and quality), so you
could have a choice in the market that was not just pretty to
look at but also felt “good to wear”. Let’s call it: our little grain of sand to keep the dream of conscious, affordable luxury an everyday habit.

Some feel-good facts?

We are PETA approved.

We use 100% recycled plastic bottle lining and the wrapping currently used is 100% recyclable.


ela is designed for real life… and every moment in between.

With function and fashion in our DNA, we believe the every-
day is as important as “that occasion”, so we keep both in mind when designing our product. Every detail, texture and finish is made to delight the naked eye and give you the perfect space-to-silhouette ratio to fit your essentials, from your 9-5 workdays to your happy-hour cocktails. ela is made to be a part of your day, not an extra to it; so you can leave that to your lattes and frappuccinos.


Our bags are made to be repurposed.

Finally, with a little help from Seneca College Sustainable Business Management students we took a step further and thought about the end of life of our elas and came up with a few ways you could embrace the “old” as much as the “new”.

SHARE: gift your ela to your favourite family member or
friend, or repair that little loose thread.

DONATE: pay it (fashion) forward and share the love with
someone who needs it.

EXCHANGE: trade and let others try ela when all they need
is a little bit of love.

RESALE: sign it up to meet others and find its place in a new
home E.g. You local consignment, ThredUP, The Real Real...

Et voilà!

Now, you can shop easy and carry on (literally).